MIX is SATURDAY & SUNDAY @ the Soap Factory

Seating charts...everyone is doing it, maaaaaan!

MIX–The Minneapolis Indie Xpo–is this Saturday and Sunday–10am to 5pm both days!!!  I hope if y0u’re in Minneapolis you plan on attending, cause its sure to be the social event of the season!  I will be there selling the brand new MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE trade and SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE graphic novel.  I’ll also have copies of FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY and the new DUH! anthology.  I’ll be at table 19, which I’m sharing with CONTINUITY GUY collaborator BUD BURGY, and we’ll have copies of both CG books on-hand as well (and Bud’s MEATFIST AND GRONK collection).

Seated next to us will be DAN MURPHY, my longest-time collaborator. Dan will have his AMAZING new mini–ELLE CIRKA–on-hand, and its a MUST-HAVE of MIX.  There will also be one–ONE!–copy of the PHIL THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM comic that Dan and I did in 1994/2009.  First come, only serve!

Next to Dan will be BOB LIPSKI (who I have also worked with!) who will be liquidating his UPTOWN GIRL collections–get them all!!! Next to Bob is LUPI McGINTY who will be debuting her GERM WARFARE anthology, which–surprise!–I have a story in as well!  It’s a veritable collaborator row!

And don’t forget–I’ll be on the SALON SALOON panel Saturday at 3:30.  So stop on by sometime this weekend–tons going on during and after the show!  Come! Enjoy! It’ll be great!!!

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