“TOMMY CHICAGO vs SHAVONDA” by Brian Bastian and myself (part 2 of 2)

So here’s the deal with this story (part 2)…  The script for the first issue of the TOMMY CHICAGO mini-series I did with BRIAN BASTIAN had a throw-away line that jokingly explained why TC’s sidekick JIMMY never aged–involving lizard men, a magical remote control and a hot dog vendor with a heart of gold.  I decided it would be fun to illustrate this line instead of just having Jimmy say it.  So I needed a hot dog vendor.  And from that Shavonda and her delicious Shavondawgs were born!  I told Brian what I had done, and he wasn’t so sure about what he had gotten into with me as a collaborator.  He thought the name was a little “Napoleon Dynamite” or whatever (and the hot dog name possibly racist, the worrier).  But then he saw the finished art, and he immediately fell head over heels with Shavonda.  He madly began schemeing ways to work this one-off joke into the series proper.  I suggested “What if she returned to Chilitown with TC from the lizard man dimension and now sells hot dogs–excuse me, Shavondawgs–at the city park (a high-traffic area in the context of the story)?”  Brian liked that.  So given a chance to write this little freebie story he couldn’t pass up the chance to work Shavonda into the TC cannon proper.  After that there was no stopping him, and she even turned up in the 3rd issue of the series.  I know for a fact if there is ever anymore TOMMY CHICAGO that she’ll be a major player in it.  And to think, it all started cause I didn’t want to just draw a talking head…

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