“TOMMY CHICAGO vs SHAVONDA” by Brian Bastian and myself (part 1 of 2)

So here’s the deal with this story (part 1)… BRIAN BASTIAN and I began collaborating on the second series of TOMMY CHICAGO back in 2008.  We did a lot with him that year–a FREE COMIC DAY special, issue #1 of the series, a crossover special with MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE and UPTOWN GIRL, aaaaaand the second issue of the series. (I also did some MANLY TALES, SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE, and a few other short things that year. I’m fairly certain I didn’t sleep.)  By the time Fallcon rolled around and issue 2 was printed I was all-about TC.  I was very proud of #2 and wanted this comic to be a hit.  So the Monday before Fallcon I email Brian and suggested we should crank out a TC freebie to give away and draw people in to BUY the actual comic.  He seemed agreeable with that idea and sent me a finished script for the above story the next day.  I then penciled the whole thing–AT WORK!–and brought it home to ink.  By that Friday I was making it into a mini-comic –again, AT WORK!–on the sly.  The next day, Saturday, was Fallcon and we had a brand new giveaway.

Oh, and the freebie idea totally didn’t work, sales wise.  I still have a shit-ton of minis of this story.  I should probably just burn them or something.

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