Covered?! We don’t need no stinkin’ covered!!! (part 1 of 2)

FROM THE BURNING BRIDGES DEPT…   2011 has been a year of art ruts for me.  From Jan-May I hardly drew at all.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  Then I did feel it–boy oh boy did it ever come back with a vengeance!!!  But now having wrapped up the projects I had on slate I’m at a loss as what to do next.  Whatever it is will probably be a 1 to several year commitment, so I’m not taking the decision lightly.  I still want to draw in the meanwhiles, but am equally rutty on what do for free-draws.  One of the more popular exercises for cartoonists the last couple years has been trying your hand at doing a COVERED.   In fact, during my winter rut I did a few to try and keep myself going.  Here’s my rendition of Weird War Tales featuring Creature Commandos (#108, Vol.12, Feb 1982):

    This covered was, of course, REJECTED by Covered.  This is a pretty common thing I guess because REJECTED BY COVERED is as equally content-rich as the blog that inspired its wonderful failures.  But this was my third rejection from covered. 

     My first (admittedly deserved) rejection of FLAMING CARROT #26 is here

     My second rejection was for CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #1 (vol 1), but I don’t look so poorly on that one. Why?  Well, there are 3 reasons: First of all, Captain Confederacy creators WILL SHETTERLY and VINCE STONE both thought it was awesome (Hooray for validation from childhood inspirations)!  Secondly, because of the amount of Captain Confederacy fans and/or small-minded racists who frequent the internet, my post for that cover still gets several hits a week over 2 years later (there’s also a lovely link on that post to a local bridge blowing-up that also gets regular love).  And finally, doing that cover led me to not only go and cover all of the first Captain Confederacy series, but it also allowed me the chance to interview both Will and Vince, and finally get the chance to thank them for all their inspiration. 

    Anyway, if I had learned anything from being forced to play little league (and I hadn’t) it’s that your are OUT after the third strike (I learned that from playing baseball on the Atari 2600).  So even though I had actually done THREE new Covereds last winter I chose not to send the other two after that third rejection.  But now I get to post them here…NEXT TIME!!!  See you Friday.


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