Shameless staplegenius self-promotion…sorry

Hey, everybody!  So as I mentioned last time I have some new books that will be debuting at MIX–the MINNEAPOLIS INDIE XPO–this November 5th and 6th.   These books are however AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW via the old internet!  So, if you can’t wait 2 months why not get out your credit card and do some orderin’?  Lets have a look at whats offered, shall we?

All 304 pages of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE in one lovely square-bound edition–every story, every issue, every special, a slew of pin-ups by my cartooning friends and idols, and a blush-inducing introduction by ZANDER CANNON!

The complete SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE collection! An all-new 52 page adventure wraps snugly around the three SMV tales originally seen in the MUSCLES AND FIGHTS anthology series, as well as 2009’s 24 Hour Comic.   In addition to those debuts there will also be some other 2011 releases on-hand, including:

Written by me and drawn by BUD BURGY–The second thrilling, time-twisting adventure of CONTINUITY GUY!  Will he man-up and embrace his destiny, or will the past come to defeat him first? Will it even matter that book one is totally unavailable for purchase? …Nah  But what is available for purchase is Bud’s MEATFIST AND GRONK collection–which features several pin-ups by me as well as a Meatfist&Gronk/Continuity Guy sort story written by me and drawn once again by the steady hand of Bud Burgy!

This year I also did some short work for a few anthologies that will be available/debuting at MIX (or at least should be…).  First up is DUH!, a Kurtzman-era Mad Magazine inspired humor book written by Bill Prendergast and drawn by myself, Carlos Merino, James Powell, Dan Murphy, and Lupi McGinty.  Speaking of Lupi, her GERM WARFARE collection will be (I think) debuting at MIX.  More information and helpful links will be posted as those become available.

Ok…sorry about all that shilling.  I’ll be back Wednesday with some actual art.  Promise.

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