SECRET AGENT C*H*E*F “Just Add Ink”–The End!, also: ‘Abandon Hope For Future Plans’

Secret Agent C*H*E*F and Rosie the Crime Fighter break up a meeting of Nazi-loyalists in a mob-run diner…

    So what happens next, you ask?!  Well there is no more, so let your imagination go WILD!  But, sadly, JUST ADD INK is now just a thing of the past.  A years worth of work condensed into one evenings release party and a month-long art show.  A month which unfortunately has come to a close.  So where do we go from here? What does the future hold.   Well…

     MIX!  The Minneapolis Indie Xpo is NOVEMBER 5th and 6th and I am PUUUUUUUUUMPED!  Not only because last years inaugural show was so wonderful, but because this one promises to be even bigger and better with an AMAZING guest line up.  I’ll be there tabling so that kinda taints the affair, but I have been working my ass off to make sure I have plenty to show for my last years worth of efforts.  There is (finally!) the MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE collection that will debut at MIX aaaaaaaaaaand an all-new SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE book!!! See:

   So whats in the SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE book?  First off there is an ALL-NEW 52 page story!  It also features the SMV story from 2009’s 24 Hour Comic Day (which you can find somewhere on this here comic blog. Good luck!), as well as the original 3 SMV stories from the MUSCLES AND FIGHTS anthologies–the very stories I will post RIGHT HERE in the weeks to come as we gear up to MIX and the books release!  Until then–some stuff the internet didnt care for and a forgotten TOMMY CHICAGO “adventure”.  Be sure to check back every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY!  Or don’t!


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