SOUTHPAW SWEDE “Just Add Ink”–part 2

   So there was an insane amount of challenges when it came to doing a submission for the JUST ADD INK project.  Even though I was a part of the planning quorum for JAI and had over a year to prepare mentally for it, I ended up putting off doing my submission for as long as possible.  The reason being–HOW DO YOU DO A COMIC THAT’S A RECIPE?!?!  If you read JAI you’ll see as many variations to answer that question as there were submissions.  And there was still probably a million more ways to do it.  

      My original plan was to do a fairly straight forward auto-bio comic about a particularly potent pumpkin pie my roommate made once, but I never was 100% on board with that idea.  Then one day I started thinking about dear old Southpaw Swede and how I had abandoned him and what, if anything, I might do with him in the future.  I knew I wanted to do the ultimate cliché and have him fight Hitler, but in what way could I do it that would be more than just an extended version of the cover to Captain America (more or less)?  And thats when it hit me–having the Swede battle Hitler was a scenario so basic it probably didn’t even require words.  So what if it did have words, and the words were in complete juxtaposition to what was really going on in the story?  What if those words were nothing more than a recipe??? 

    All my best ideas come when I’m totally not looking for them.

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