SOUTHPAW SWEDE “Rogues Gallery”–cover, page 1(of 9)

 This story was originally done for the LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘B’ collection back in 2006. 

     Ok…so who is this Swede guy, anyway?  Well, back in the early 2000’s I worked at a certain national chain that specialized in photocopying.  Occasionally really interesting things would come into my hands there, and despite whatever form I signed stating I’d do the opposite, I totally made copies of these items for myself.  Around Xmas time each year people would bring in old photos and family albums to have us copy so they could make family tree books and the whatnot. These photos were sometimes GOLD!  (In fact, all the “Rogues” you are going to meet over the next few days are from someones photo of their loved ones–except Scott Seekins up there. Nobody loves him).  And then one day the veritable jackpot of photos…

     Ladies and Gentlemen, meet JOE CHRISTIAN SCHMOLZE!  Read that again…JOE…SCHMOLZE?!  Are you kidding me!?!?  God dammit!  So here we are 7 years since I first saw that picture, and out of curiosity for the blog I finally googled him.  Holy Shit!  Check out those birth/death dates!!!  He died a day after 31?!  Fuck!  I pray it was in the ring.  Well, that link is about all there is about Joe online.  I’ll probably never know the real story of the Minneapolis bruiser, but I’ll be damned if I’m not more curious than I ever was before.  I mean…just look at this guy!!!


    I’ve got some more.  They’ll post as they appear in the story in a fictional capacity.


2 Responses to “SOUTHPAW SWEDE “Rogues Gallery”–cover, page 1(of 9)”

  1. 1 Susan Marquardt
    03/26/2012 at 16:24

    I came across this on the Internet. I am Joe Schmolze’s sister. He had retired from the ring when he was killed in a car accident. If you would like to know more about him, contact me.

    • 2 JGD
      12/10/2013 at 17:01

      I came across this item in a google search of boxing and boxers in Minneapolis. My dad Danny Dillon was a good friend of Joe’s. In fact, my dad told me a story about when he and Joe were up in Canada where Joe was fighting George Chulavo. My dad was Joe’s corner man. Prior to the fight a couple of hoods came over to their dressing room and told Joe to throw the fight and flashed a pistol in a shoulder holster. My dad said that if Joe hadnt been fighting under an alias he wouldnt have taken a dive. My dad died in 1970 but I was able to confirm this story to be to true by another source. I remember the day we saw the newspaper reporting Joe’s death. I was 7 yr old and remember how upset my dad was.

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