SOUTHPAW SWEDE–part 1(of 2)

Once upon a time, my friend STEVE STWALLEY had a dream.  Well…he had a couple dreams.  The first dream was to form the International Cartoonist Conspiracy.  Having completed that, he decided to move onto dream #2–doing an anthology comic and calling it “WEIRD ILLUSTRATED”!  Steve put out a call, and I answered with…

So I’ll get into the genesis of the SWEDE later, but I can tell you a few things like:

     This is the first story I ever drew using a PENTEL POCKET BRUSH.   At the time (late 2004/early 2005/whenever this was exactly) the Pocket Brush was a new-fangled thing ZANDER CANNON had just smuggled into the country and we few brave souls who had one were trying to figure out HOW THE FUCK YOU USE THEM!  Clearly, I had a ways to go…  Speaking of a ways to go–KEVIN CANNON was still a good 7 years away from doing the first NORDEAST COMICS SUMMIT.  I had no idea you shouldn’t underline dialogue.  NO IDEA!!!

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