The “lost” guest artist pin-ups: Athena Currier

   Its ATHENA CURRIER Crossover Day!!!    That’s right!  I have a comic up on Athena’s webcomic “ACTION ATHENA” today, and she has an illustration here!  Next we’ll fight and then resolve our differences to battle the real foe in a classic crossover scenerio!  Or something…

   Athena is a Conspirator, buddy, frequent convention tablemate, and has popped up on this here blorg a few times before, but todays post is kinda special.  As I mentioned before this whole “lost” pin-up thing started because I was putting together a MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE collection and realized I had a TON of pin-ups–more than I’d ever be able to fit into any one collection without going broke printing it (note: that will happen anyway)–so the last thing I needed was any more pin-ups.  What I did need however was some kind of cover for the BRITISHWORTH short BRIAN BASTIAN and I did for LIL’ FUNNYRealizing I didn’t have a pin-up from Athena (and would certainly be including one if I did), I “commissioned”  her to do a Britishworth drawing, and as you can see it turned out wonderfully!  Thanks a ton, Athena!

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