The “lost” guest pin-ups: James Powell (and the kids these days)

   JAMES POWELL is a crazy talented cartoonist, and I’m pretty honored my art gets to stand next to his in the pages of FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY.  And in addition to being an illustrator, he is also a sometimes teacher of comics to the youth.  From what James tells me the kids love making comics, but they can’t not go three panels without killing off a main character.  As you can imagine, its kinda hard to teach the mechanics of sequential storytelling when the people you’re trying to teach don’t have anyone live long enough to tell a story.  So in one class James made a compromise with the kids–“Draw stories where everyone lives, and on the last day we’ll just do stories where the characters die!”   From what he tells me he drew the inspiration for this from the many deaths of Atlantis Lad in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE.  So when that fated day came for the kids to draw some characters dying, guess who James had them kill off over and over…

   Thats just about the coolest thing ever!!!  Thanks, James!

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