The “Lost” Guest Artist pin-ups: Dan Murphy

So the last couple months I’ve been slowly working on putting together a MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE collection. I am finally almost done, and one of the highlights of doing such a project was rediscovering several pin-ups my friends had drawn that I had yet to produce an issue of MANLY TALES to feature them in.  Well, I’m pretty sure I’m done making MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE now, so instead of denying the world the pleasure of seeing these drawings another day I’m going to post them here for the next couple weeks.  Enjoy!  (I know I do every time I look at them!) 

   The first “lost” pin-up is by my friend and collaborator of 2o years DAN MUPRHY!  I’ve written PLENTY about our collaborations in the past, so please go read up on them NOW if you haven’t already.  What I can say about this particular drawing is that it was done last year for a short MANLY TALES project that never quite got off the ground, but Dan being the pro he is held up his end of the bargain.  What a guy!  Thanks again, Murph!

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