IT’S WAR 2–pgs 44-47, also: ‘SPRINGCON’ is this weekend

   All right CONTINUITY GUY fans– BROTHER-2-THE-NITE has finally entered the story proper!  Speaking of the story–  up until now IT’S WAR 2 was written intentionally in 2-4 page vignettes to set everything up–you know, knock off a “chapter” or two in the bathroom kinda thing .  Well, the Meat and Po’ta’ters of the story is here.  So if you were reading this as an actual, physical comic its the point where you have to keep reading.  Nothing but storytelling kinesis!!!  But sadly this is now serialized as a webcomic, which will make for…well… potentially annoying breaks.  So I apologize in advance if every damn page seems like a cliffhanger from here on out.

   Speaking of apologies… SPRINGCON IS THIS WEEKEND!!!
   Well…the apology is mine.  I’ll be there….kinda…sorta….for a couple hours each day of it.  Luckily—or is it LUCKESily?!–I’ll be sharing a table with friend’o’the blog EARL LUCKES who will be manning a table for the first time!  So stop on by and say hi to me–or more likely Earl–and pick up some of our comics, including the all-new CONTINUITY GUY: CHRONO CHAOS!!!

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