IT’S WAR 2: THE WAR ON HOMELAND SECURITY–cover, intro, Continuity Guy

   Back when I started Staplegenius I was creating the exploits of a group of characters who more or less reflected my pointless, shiftless early 20’s lifestyle.  Then 9/11 happened.  And before I knew it these characters were wrapped up in adventures of over-reaching political grandeur.  The first post 9/11 story–IT’S WAR–was done in the spring of 2002 and is about an alien invasion during the Clinton administration that was a weak metaphor for the then-new “War on Terror”.  It was like 60 pages long and at the time the single longest story I had ever done (not counting a comic series I made as a teen, which I don’t).  Having the kind of mind I do, I began planning a continuation of the characters lives in this new world order as soon as IT’S WAR was completed.  And this time—this time it was going to be IN YOUR FACE about the politics!! So in early days of 2003 I started writing and penciling IT’S WAR 2: THE WAR ON HOMELAND SECURITY!

     Before I knew it, I had one hundred and one 11×17″ pencilled pages laying in front of me.  So I started lettering and inking and then I got a girlfriend and became side-tracked for several months.  But I raced got it done and printed in time for Fallcon 2003.  Looking back, I think it still stands pretty strong as a story considering my perpetual naivety on world affairs.  And the art was leaps and bounds of what I had done in the first IT’S WAR months earlier.  I blame STEVE STWALLEY for starting the INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY.  It began right before I started penciling this and being around some many great other cartoonists forced me and taught me how to up my game.  And then years later BUD BURGY would tell me he really liked IT’S WAR 2 and wished I would do more with CONTINUITY GUY and MITCH and BROTHER 2-THE-NITE and… well, the rest is chrono chaos...

  But every story has a beginning, and I figured this one had plenty of exposition to get out of the way, and as fast as possible.  So settle in folks, there’s only 99 more pages to go after this…

   ***ADDITIONAL: The first couple of pages have that WORDWARRIORS.COM brand because in the spring of 2004 fledgling publisher Word Warriors Press discovered IT’S WAR 2 and liked it. A lot.  Not publish it a lot, but a lot enough that they offered me the chance of having it scanned and posted online for free so everyone everywhere could enjoy it and there was never a question it was my property blah blah blah, and in that pre-wordpress and wifi world I couldn’t say no.  Not with my technological ignorance at the time I couldn’t.  I don’t know what ever happened to Word Warriors Press, but the website is still there and IT’S WAR 2: THE WAR ON HOMELAND SECURITY is still proudly featured and I really, really appreciate that So if you want to read ahead, go there and read the whole story all in one easy dose.  But if you want to hear me wax nostalgic about life in the thick of the Bush Administration, then check back here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for…a while…

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