MANLY TALES OF COWARDIC #8–part 7(of 14), also: “Re-Action Athena-ed”

    For as long as I had the idea for this story in mind, this was the only villain attacks that I had planned out from the start as to how it was going to play out.  The rest were organic based on the characters dictating the action.  Brad and Angelaura have no character.  These bastards need to be scripted.  Ugh.  Theres really nothing worse as a writer than characters you created who have no personality and make you do all the work.  Jerks.

   ALSO:  I was immortalized once again by ATHENA CURRIER (along with several of our Co-Conspirators) in her delightful webcomic ACTION ATHENA. I swear if I were rich I’d pay Athena to ghost draw  autobio comics for me.  If only I were rich……


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