FUN FACT #1:  Page 8 with Britishworth and Rose** was originally that awful 8-page opening sequence I told you I tried writing a couple of years ago.  Does that strike you as a 8-page worthy build-up to a joke about Rose cutting a check?  Correct, it doesn’t.

  **FUN FACT #1.5:  ‘Rose’ is a creation of BRIAN BASTIANs.  He was “TOMMY CHICAGO”s main villain for the first 12-issue series BOB LIPKSI drew.  You might remember Rose also showed up in MANLY TALES #4 prompting the above exchange.  Brian got rid of the Rose with TOMMY CHICAGO series 2 and had no plans of bring him back because of some name or copyright issue something (He was called “The Ugly Rose” but that conflicted with something or other. I dunno. Ask Brian for details.).  Upon hearing  this news I immediately told Brian I was stealing Rose (or ‘The Evil Rose’ as I like to think of him as) for the Manly Tales realm.  Brian shrugged and wished me luck with my new sinking ship.

  **FUN FACT #1.75:  While Rose’s wife did show up in an issue of TOMMY CHICAGO (vol.1, #8 I believe), Rose’s kid is all my doing.  I drew him into a background in MANLY TALES #4, and whether Brian liked it or not I gave Rose a kid.  So here is again.  If Rose does ever return to the pages of Manly Tales (so far, not scheduled to happen) his kid will definitely be in tow.  Oh…and I should mention…the kid is drawn to look EXACTLY the way I did at 14.  You’re welcome.

   FUN FACT #2:  Like I said, I had this issue in mind since the start–the big “SINISTER SEVERAL” team-up of villains to kill Fleming Hazmat.  A lot happened from the planning stages in early 2007 to when I finished inking this in October of 2010, but the over-all jist of what this story was going to stayed the same.  There are however TWO glaring changes I made from my original concept of the story when I finally sat down to write it.  #1) I can’t tell you now.  It’ll ruin everything later, but #2) I have touched on before–the unforeseen importance of Sir Leigh Britishworth to the MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE mythos.  Like I’ve stated a few times before–Britishworth was SUPPOSED to be a one-issue gag.  Even though I knew this issue would include all the villains Fleming had encountered, I made a choice after finishing issue #1 that Britishworth would not be a part of this story.  But that damnable Brian Bastian–HIM AGAIN!–brought back Britishworth issue #4, and the rest as you can see is ret-conned history.**

   **FUN FACT #2.5:  One of the funny things about Britishworth sticking around is how I’ve been sold on my own accidental genius.  He is a fun character, after all.  But it wasn’t pointed out to my until I was drawing the Britishworth LIL FUNNY that his name is Sir Leigh–SURLY!–Britishworth.  He is surly and his name is literally SURLY!  I was just making a very stupid Jennifer Jason Leigh play on THE DaVINCI CODE villain when I named Britishworth, but this…this is great!   It made me very happy to have Ian Anthrax point the ‘Surly’ out in this issue.  And not to ruin anything, but BRIAN BASTIAN–really, again?!–is working on an upcoming MANLY TALES epic featuring Surly, and I can’t wait to draw it…


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