MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #8–part 1(of 14), also: “NEWS! NEWS! NEWS!”

   So here we go with the ALL-NEW, INTERNET-EXCLUSIVE eighth issue of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE—and it doesn’t make a damn lick of sense.  Worst opening ever!  Sorry about that.  Seemed funnier when I was making it.  By the way all the German is from some online translator so I’m sure its all grammatically wrong.  If anyone knows the right translations…uhh… good for you.  Anyway, enough with that, there’s NEWS! NEWS! NEWS!

*** First off, there was a nice write-up on the (mostly) indie comic scene here in Minneapolis.  For some reason the story won’t be available online for a few days (but I’ll link to it when it is), but there is a fun slideshow featuring art by myself and my friends! 

*** Secondly, I’m in a comic art show that opens this FRIDAY, FEB 4th @ ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY!  It’s called LIMINAL and features the work of Minneapolis indie cartoonists Maxeem, Britt Sabo, Tim Sievert, Brett Von Schlosser, and myself.  Not only that, but all the art we did was based on the mini-comics of artists from the Netherlands–Ibrahim Ineke, Gareth Hopkins, Mark Van Katwijk, Bernard Meijer and Edmond Spierts.  Meanwhile in the Netherlands they will be putting on a show later in the month featuring all the above Dutch artists doing works based on our mini-comics (and even later on in the year the shows will swap continents and their art will be available for viewing here and our art there)!  It’s an International Cartoonist Collaboration!  Hope to see you there!

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