Manly Tales of Cowardice #7–part 12(of 12–THE END!), also: “I’m all over the road!”

PREVIOUSLY:  Carnage/mayhem/etc.  AND NOW:  The conclusion…

   DUM-DUM-DUM!!!  So there you go. The Omega Atlantis Lad has arrived!  Everyone is out to get Fleming once and for all!  Betsy sticks around for some reason! What will happen next?…well find out in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #8!–and yes it’s all done and ready to go.  It’s not even been in print, and it will be making it’s internet debut soon!  BUT BEFORE THAT–Another MANLY TALES internet debut!MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE # 1/2!!!  Yes, issue one-half!  It’s the even all-newer than the other one you’ve never seen issue of Manly Tales which is guest-written by STEVEN STWALLEY and features art by me!  Just in time for the new year–ALL-NEW MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE!–Starting JANUARY 2011!  In the meanwhile, starting Monday we’ll kick 2010’s ass into 2011 with the super amazing guest pin-up artwork  from Manly Tales #7–featuring CARL NELSON, MICHAEL FURIOUS, and yes even PETER BAGGE!  And while you’re on the internet…

*** I have submitted a couple of drawings to the wonderful REPANELED blog–where cartoonists redo beloved comic panels–which should be up now (or will be real soon).  Either way, there is nothing but great art on there–check it out!).

*** I’ll also have my classic CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #1 “cover” up on REJECTED BY COVERED soon too.  For a reject it sure spawned a lot of great stuff for me–including ‘covers’ of the whole first 12 issues of CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY and interviews with the CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY series creators!

***  Finally, I threw in my two cents for the Daily Cross Hatch’s BEST DAMN COMICS OF 2010.  Get ready for the Top 5s from some of your favorite creators.  Not sure how I ended up in there.

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