Arnold the Super Cardinal–part 6(of 11)

   BANTAM!!!  So my intention on this years 24 HOUR COMIC was to go in with a blank slate (which I’ve never been able to do), and up until about 2 days before the event my mind was empty.  Then out of nowhere at work my brain informed me I would be doing Arnold–Thanks for nothing, brain!  Luckily my brain also reminded me of the fact that my friend LUPI McGINTY had recently said what probably should have been the final word on super hero bird comics with her Lutefisk Sushi D submission ‘BANTAM’ (which she is also serializing RIGHT NOW on her blog).   I’m even fortunate enough to own a painting Lupi did of Bantam’s sidekick LITTLE PECKER.  But not wanting to ignore the massive shadow she was casting, and also knowing she would not be at 24HCD, I decided I would work Bantam in to the story somewhere and make it a SURPRISE for her when she finally got to read it.  As luck (and pacing) would have it, BANTAM got to show up just as I reached my traditional pgs.12/13 double-splash.    Rumor has it Lupi really enjoyed the Bantam (and ‘Little Pecker’) cameo.  Another rumor even has it that Lupi and I may be teaming-up sometime soon to reunite Bantam and Arnold in a tale we make together.  Stay tuned….

2 Responses to “Arnold the Super Cardinal–part 6(of 11)”

  1. 1 lupiloops
    11/13/2010 at 19:23

    I doubt my shadow is that massive. But the combined shadows of Bantam and Arnold may block out the sun. :p

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