Arnold the Super Cardinal–part 5(of 11)

   In the time since I did this the Republicans have “swept into power” or whatever.  My plan–play it straight from here on out and use the Right Wing of Justice here to make me some of that sweet Tea Party/Sarah Palin money.  In the meanwhile…

    So once upon a time the CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY (who puts on 24 Hour Comic Day here in Minneapolis) used to do mini-comic collections of everyone’s 24 Hour Comic following the actual event.  Now we have a website that just links to everyone’s stuff online.  You can’t stop progress!   Anyway, my friend MAXEEM had–prior to 24HCD–asked me to be a part of a super cool, international comic art show in 2011–and I’m doing it!  All he needed from me was a newish mini-comic to include in the show.  As I was drawing this Arnold comic, I knew it would be my contribution.  So once I was done–before coloring–I had to quick make a cover and print out some minis and get a couple to Max.  This act made me miss doing the 24HCD collections of old, but I sure don’t miss PAYING TO MAKE MINIS!  Progress:  It’s not stopped for a reason. So, here’s that cover (and more on the art show in the coming months):


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