Arnold the Super Cardinal–my 2010 24 Hour Comic–part 1(of 11)

  Ok…here we go with my 24 Hour Comic from this year–in glorious post-production COLOR!

    So many things to say about this comic!  Where to start?  Well…First off, the COLOR.  I do my 24 hour comics in the same way I do my “regular” comics–I write/pencil it, then letter, then outline borders, and finally ink.  In theory with a 24 Hour book you’re supposed to do one page at time–from writing to ink–each hour, but I think that idea is for suckers, and given the number of people I’ve seen “fail” at 24 Hour Day doing it the “correct” way seems to reinforce my stand.  Anyway, when I finally reached the inking stage about 8 or 9 hours in I decided to do it all with my trusty Pentel Pocket Brush, instead of the Rapiographs I have come to know and love lately.  After I finished page 1 here I took a good, long look at it.  While there wasn’t too much going on with it, I knew I would have to get out my Rapidographs to do all the “background detail”, and that would have gobbled up waaaayyyy too much time to do.  Then I realized “Hey!  This thick, brush-pen linework would actually look pretty cool colored-in.”  So I took an informal “Computer Color Later vs Detail Line Work Now” poll, and color came out the undisputed champ (thanks Dan and Bud).  And actually, coloring all 24 pages of this took a really short amount of time to do–only 2 evenings.  Sure, I kept it simple and stuck with only a few primary pallet choices, but I think it looks pretty boss and am glad I did it this way.

  NEXT:  The (not-so) Secret History of Arnold!


4 Responses to “Arnold the Super Cardinal–my 2010 24 Hour Comic–part 1(of 11)”

  1. 11/01/2010 at 10:37


    This color DOES look boss! It’s like the colors are punching me in my eyes! Nice job!


  2. 11/01/2010 at 10:46

    The “correct” way of doing a 24 hour comic is whatever gets you the best 24 pages completed in 24 hours. Don’t let anyone convince you differently. Yes, many will advise to complete the page (if someone asks me, that’d be my suggestion, certainly), but that’s what seems to work best for most, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

    • 11/01/2010 at 11:41

      Thanks for chiming in, Nat (all hail the days of the Nat Gertler run 24 Hour festivites!). I’ve done the event 7 times now and always done it “my” way. I think you need to do it at least twice to figure out what works for you. Friend and hero KEVIN CANNON does it the “correct” way (a page an hour), and clearly that worked for him. To each their own, I say! …….but I still think I’m right. 🙂

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