TC: FCBD–part 10(of 12)–by Bastian and Dank

BASTIAN:  My enjoyment at Mark’s anger in the first panel is only eclipsed by Jimmy’s enthusiasm in the last panel.

DANK:  Ugh…zombies.  When we came up with the story for this I was pumped to draw zombies.  So pumped I ended up doing a zombie story for my 24 Hour Comic a few months before I did this (REMINDER: I will post my 2010 24 Hour Comic immediately following this TC yarn in November).  Guess what?–Zombies are really tedious to draw, something I learned at the 24 Hour Comic Day in question(2008).  I was just FURIOUS I had to draw lots of zombies in this story.  I think I phoned’em in.  For reasons that should be obvious, the “TC Reading List” is my favorite gag of the story–especially the part where he tosses them aside, which is another unscripted ‘background’ gag I included.

BASTIAN:  Shameless plug in a free comic!  Of course Bob died on page 4, so I guess Manly Tales is your only option now.

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