TC: FCBD–part 7(of 12)–by Bastian and Dank

   Here we go with part 3 of the TOMMY CHICAGO: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY trilogy by BRIAN BASTIAN and myself.  Despite the seemingly doomed ending of part 2, this story picks up one year later back in Rochester, MN (commentary to follow)…

BASTIAN:  I never thought I’d love a parody cover more than the previous years FCBD cover, but I was proven wrong with this one. Maybe someday we’ll do another free comic, with a parody cover that tops this…but I highly doubt it.DANK:  Thanks, Brian!  Actually, this cover was probably my favorite to draw.  I did it at one of the Cartoonist Conspiracy “SATURDAY OPEN STUDIOS” meetings.  Not only did drawing around friends help me come up with content for the bevy of cover gags to give them shout-outs in (my favorite being the poster for ‘FINDING OSAMA’ which came from a riff on a drawing MIKE SGIER was doing for his ‘TOBY AND SARA’ comic), but there are also some in-jokes from the day in there like ‘Crunchy Frog’, the meaning of which is now lost to time.

BASTIAN:  When we finished the 2nd FCBD issue, I started thinking about how to do a 3rd one. The first idea centered around TC trying to sell my corpse to bus fare home, but that didn’t really go anywhere. But the corpse thing obviously led me to zombies. Then while planning this story out, tragedy struck again, and the Rochester location of Jimmy Jams was closed due to..reasons that I don’t know if I was ever told about, but I’m assuming it was related to the crappy economy. I wasn’t sure if we should even spend the time doing this story, especially if nobody was ever going to see it.  But Danno was still keen on drawing it, and if I based my decisions on people reading the comic, I’d have stopped a long time ago. So yes, Zombies!  Those are some nice looking Zombies.

DANK:  As for the sudden switch to ‘wide-screen’ format for this story…I dunno.  Maybe I was just in a MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE or something.  I’m sure it would have worked in either the horizontal or vertical format, but for some reason I remember being insistent I do it sideways.  I think one of my rationals for Brian was that we were planning the ill-fated collection and I figured there was such a weird art jump from part 1 to part 2, that we might as well be equally as jarring for part 3.  This is also the first real kind of writing collaboration between Brian and myself.  Going into it we actual SPOKE ON THE PHONE about the direction of this story (we usually reserve our conversations to awkward small-talk at conventions and Kinkos).  We both came into it with a ton of ideas that Brian then had the unlucky chore of sifting thru and making into a cohesive story.  Not everything made it in–like my ideas that the narrator for this should be the zombified, headless corpse of Brian himself–but I think enough did that it’s pretty clearly a jumbled, unfocused mess.

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