TC: FCBD–part 6(of 12)–by Bastian and Dank, also: Britt Aamodt’s book on MN cartoonists (including myself) debuts Saturday at ‘Book Fest’, and the ‘Geek Report’ and ‘Fallcon’ are Saturday too!

BRIAN BASTIAN:  If you’re too young to remember the Hostess cake ads they used to run in comics back in the day, they were awesome. It was like you were getting a free short story and an advertisement for sugar. I’d like to say that having Tommy Chicago stealing my wallet was a metaphoric statement on how he eats up a lot of my disposable income, but in fact I just thought it would be funny. I was really happy with the ending too. Its a great point to get out of the story, but it left the door open if we wanted to do another story.

DANK:  I remember reading the script for this and getting to this point in the story and realizing there were only two pages left and HOW THE HELL WAS BRIAN GOING TO GET TC AND JIMMY OUT OF THIS IN A SATISFYING MANNER?!?!  And he freekin’ did it.  Oh, and he’s totally right about a writers wallets (same goes for cartoonists).  Anyway, we’ll be back Monday with the third chapter of the TOMMY CHICAGO FREE COMIC BOOK DAY trilogy!  In the meantime…

   Know whats AWESOME about the TWIN CITIES BOOK FEST going on this weekend?  Well, YES, it is a FREE EVENT and that is pretty rad.  But what’s even greater is that  BRITT AAMODT’s “SUPERHEROES, STRIP ARTISTS, and TALKING ANIMALS: ESSAYS ON CONTEMPORARY MN CARTOONISTS” will be debuting nigh-on a month ahead of it’s release date at BOOK FEST this Saturday!!!  The book features both interviews and the art of many of your favorite MN cartoonists including several Conspirators.  The official run-down of artists looks like this:  Kirk Anderson, Ken Avidor, Terry Beatty, Big Time Attic: Zander & Kevin Cannon, Will Dinski, Patrick Gleason, Peter Gross, Christopher Jones & Melissa Kaercher, Dan Jurgens, Ryan Kelly, Reynold Kissling, Danno Klonowski/Dank!, Bob Lipski & Brian Bastian, Roger Lootine, Doug Mahnke, Gordon Purcell, Brittney Sabo, Zak Sally, Barbara Schulz, Tim Sievert, Andy Singer, King Mini/Vincent Stall, andSteven Stwalley.   So come pick a copy this weekend.  Dare I suggest–the perfect stocking stuffer for your loved ones who love comics???

 So yeah–  Tomorrow SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16th I will be at the TWIN CITIES BOOK FESTIVAL at the Minneapolis Community & Technical College.  I’ll be joined by my friends and fellow Conspirators KEVIN CANNON, MIKE TOFT, LUPI McGINTY, BILL PRENDERGAST, and BRITT AAMODT.  The show runs from 10am to 5pm.  Afterwards I’ll be running across town to record the latest episode of THE GEEK REPORT (with special guest RYAN DOW).  Meanwhile, BRIAN BASTIAN (and, uh…everybody else) will be at FALLCON in St Paul.  We’ll be discussing both BOOK FEST and FALLCON at length on the GEEK REPORT, so if you miss either, we’ll give you the recap!   And don’t forget–every issue of FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY (including the all-new #4) will be for sale every THURSDAY thru SUNDAY night in OCTOBER at the stagings of MICHELE! A MUSICAL BACHUMANNTARY.  There’s a good chance I’ll be there as well selling’em!

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