TC: FCBD–part 3(of 12)–by Bastian and Dank, also: Meet Some of the “FALSE WITNESS” team and see a show!

BRIAN BASTIAN:  “The Very Real Necronomicon” title was all danno and a really nice touch. I think I just said it was some random evil looking book, but by giving it a specific name it adds to the obviousness that whatever’s happening here isn’t good, and in a 12 page book you don’t want to be too vague. Too vague is exactly how I feel about the references on the page where Mark and TC recap the last fcbd issue. Unless you’re paying attention to the one panel on page 3 with the name of the store, ‘sandwich guy’ makes no sense. Oh well. It’s a free comic.

DANK:  Fun fact!  Like you (yes–YOU!) the crux of my knowledge re: The Necronomicon comes from the EVIL DEAD movies.  Figuring I should probably know SOMETHING more about it before I drew it , I did some actual research.  So…you know…I did a wiki search.  It was with these vast resources I was able to come up with the “Edited by H.P. LOVECRAFT’ gag all on my own.  Also, I really like the black and white balance of page 6.  I remember being really proud of it when I originally drew the page, and I still am.

ALSO:  The latest issue (#4) of FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY (written by BILL PRENDERGAST with art by LUPI McGINTY, JAMES POWELL, KEVIN CANNON, and myself) is now available!   So you can either order it online OR if you live in the Minneapolis/St Paul are you have a chance to come purchase it IN PERSON every THURSDAY thru SUNDAY night in OCTOBER before (or after) a staging of MICHELE! THE MUSICAL BACHUMANNTARY at the MINNEAPOLIS THEATRE GARAGE in lovely UPTOWN.  Bill and I will be on-hand to sell books, sign autographs, and be monitored by the FBI and Tea-Baggers alike.  Hope to see you there!

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