TC: FCBD–part 2(of 12)–by Bastian and Dank, also: “The (nearly) forgotten photos of 24 Hour Comic Day”

BRIAN BASTIAN:  Mark seemed to be ok with us putting him in the first story, so I thought “why not press my luck again.” He’s actually not parodied too much here. He’s a nice, reasonable guy, who ran a great comic store. Which makes him the perfect enemy for Tommy Chicago.  When I knew that I was going to be wrapping up the first volume of Tommy Chicago and starting the new series, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use this story to bridge the gap and explain where Tommy Chicago and Jimmy have been for a year. When I decided to do another story set at Jimmy Jams, it became two years. It’s a little vague what they’ve been doing for the whole year, but I really like the birthday joke.  Jimmy looks just the right amount of sad.

DANK:  While I had drawn TC and Co in the pages of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4 a few months previous, this was my first ‘official’ TC book.  So…it was kinda weird opening the book with characters who weren’t TC or Jimmy.  It’s even weirder that they don’t show up until page 4 considering this was only a 12 page special.  But it was fun designing AVID READER.  Brian gave me a few ideas to work from for AVID, but as I recall I tossed them all out the window and went with what you see.

   ALSO:  Some of the 24 Hour Comics made here in Minneapolis are now going up (with links on our official blog), and while I won’t be getting up mine until after the above TOMMY CHICAGO tale is done, I have a few news-ish tidbits.  The first being that I will be using my 24 Hour Book as a part of upcoming international cartoonist art show being set-up by my friend MAXEEM (more on that in the weeks to come).  The second bit of news is that I have pictures from the event…that I nearly forgot I took…cause that’s what happens to your brian when you do 24 Hour Comics.  I didn’t get very many because my digital camera was on a weird setting (again, something I didn’t realize or could fix due to a sleepy brain), but here are some of the keepers:

The MN Center for Book Arts loves us MN cartoonists, and always makes us feel welcome. You rock, Book Arts!

The view from my seat about 3 hours in.  There’s JUSTIN BABB (a 24 Hour virgin who didn’t technically finish–had about 4 pages left to ink–but was there the whole time and did a hilarious tale) and “FALSE WITNESS” collaborator JAMES POWELL (who was just visiting for a few hours).  Also, you should buy a copy of the all-new “FALSE WITNESS” #4 at http://biasedliberalmedia.com –it features an amazing story written by BILL PRENDERGAST and drawn as a 3-way James, LUPI McGINTY, and myself.

  That is a packed room full of cartoonists!

  Amazing hugger and cartoonist JESSE GILLESPIE  did his story on a ‘puter this year.  Oh the age of magic boxes!

Some peeps from the table I spent the first 17 hours at:  TED ANDERSON who came to root us on for a few hours, DANIEL J OLSON (who finished his book in about 18 hours), ATHENA CURRIER who pre-did all her panels at home then came to Book Arts and wrote her comic and then disappeared after “breaking-up” with Dan and BUD, and EARL LUCKES who made a triumphant return to 24 Hour Comic Day and finished in about 14 hours!

  There’s “CONTINUITY GUY” artist BUD BURGY tweeting about his heart-break.

  There’s me!  This photo was mostly taken to show off my new INK PANTHERS PODCAST t-shirt.  What?  You don’t listen to the INK PANTHERS PODCAST?!?!  What the fuck is wrong with you?  Errr….sorry about that….tired!   Anyway, I did TRY to document my 24 hours of progess:

   After much hemming and hawing the finished pencils were completed around hour 7.

Lettering and panel borders were done around hour 9.  And then at hour 23:

  DONE!!!  So there’s your tease until November.


2 Responses to “TC: FCBD–part 2(of 12)–by Bastian and Dank, also: “The (nearly) forgotten photos of 24 Hour Comic Day””

  1. 1 Shloggs
    10/06/2010 at 08:25

    I always find the Herculean amount of work that goes into your comics inspiring and fascinating! Can’t wait to read it. Congrats!

  2. 10/12/2010 at 09:48

    It was a sad day indeed that Athena left Bud and myself. We cried for hours, but were still able to finish our books. Yay 24 Hour Comic Day!

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