TC: FCBD–part 1(of 12)–by Brian Bastian and dank, also: 24 Hour Comic Day recap

    Thoughts on this years 24 HOUR COMIC DAY and what you are about to read of the TOMMY CHICAGO: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY epic by writer/creator BRIAN BASTIAN and myself to follow the pages below, as per our usual. Enjoy!

         THE COVER

BRIAN BASTIAN: I had wanted to see this specific parody cover for a long long time. When I finally saw it, I had it printed up to a giant size and framed and put on my wall.

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  I have 3 thoughts when it comes to the cover.  1) Brian really digs ‘parody/homage’ covers(**see bottom of post).  Me–not so much.  But this MR MIRACLE cover was really fun to do and turned out pretty good.  Also, unless you KNOW covers I don’t think it smacks as being too rip-offy.  2) Prior to doing this I had never read any of the JACK KIRBY ‘FOURTH WORLD’ saga.  Within a few months I would be madly devouring the hardcover collections.  Such amazing stuff.  Consult your local library or comic shop to learn more.  3) Brian was so impressed by the cover he made a couple of POSTER SIZE versions of it, one of which he gave to the REAL Jimmy Jam Comics in Rochester, MN (RIP).  Store manager MARK was equally impressed and the poster hung with love in the front window until such time of the stores closing a couple of years later. 


BRIAN BASTIAN: I really don’t remember if I wrote this story knowing you were going to draw it, or if it was originally meant for Bob and he wasn’t going to be able to do it and you rode in like Robocop on a unicorn to save the script. I do know that is not at all how I imagined Avid Reader looking, but it was so horrifyingly wonderful that now I can’t imagine her looking any other way.

DANK:   Quick breakdown of the posters in the comic shop:  FLYGIRL was the FCBD book Brian and BOB LIPSKI did two years before this one(2006).  WORLD WAR SHE-HULK was an homage to my trip to JIMMY JAM COMICS the previous year(2007) cause they had WW HULK stuff everywhere.  It was right before the book was released and I had never heard of it, but thought it sounded right stupid.  ‘ULTIMATE SPEEDBALL’ by BENDIS and SOMA is a shout-out to both one of my favorite comics of the 80’s–SPEEDBALL–(and 90’s if you count the first 30 or so issues of NEW WARRIORS), but also to TAKI SOMA who drove Brian, Bob, and myself down to JIMMY JAM’s that first fateful year.  As  it happens, Taki ended up moving from MN to marry MICHAEL AVON OEMING a year so after I drew this.  As you may know Oeming draws POWERS which is written by his buddy BRIAN BENDIS.  To this day I am shocked that the Bendis/Soma ULTIMATE SPEEDBALL title has yet to appear.  It just seems like a million dollar idea.


The "Dan" table--myself, Dan Olson and Dan Murphy around 2am.

     24 HOUR COMIC DAY was this weekend, and for the 7th year in a row it was a big success here in MINNEAPOLIS, with nearly 40 cartoonists showing up!  I finished my 7th 24 hour comic and have officially spent a week of my life doing them–crazy!  You can see some HIGHLIGHTS from the night–including a ROCK BAND break I tore it up at–on the official MPLS 24HCD blog.  Many, many thanks once again to DAVID STEINLICHT for all he does to record the day in blog form!  And to SARAH MOREAN for the snazzy 2am photos!  And ROCK BAND runner LEMON for giving us some love!  It was a great day.  I have some PLANS for my 24 Hour book, so you’ll be seeing it in NOVEMBER following the TOMMY CHICAGO story.

        ** So anyway…like I said: BRIAN LOVES PARODY/HOMAGE COVERS! 

DANK:  In the case of the TC: FCBD trilogy the homage covers became a running gag and increasingly more elaborate.  After part 3 was finished we were going to collect the whole thing and repackage it as a very NOT FREE collection for people to ignore at conventions and local stores and the what-not.  This never happened, but I did draw-up a cover for it.  Again–a parody.  Again–Brian picked it. 

BRIAN BASTIAN:  The Captain America parody cover is just amazing. I’m not closing the door on someday collecting all 3 of these issues, but it was Convention talk, and the only thing more unreliable than Convention talk is drunk talk. You just go so excited to be around so many artists and writers and people who do what you do, that you pretty much agree to everything put in front of you.
So here’s the never-before-seen TC:FCBD collection cover which ‘homages’ CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 by Simon and Kirby:


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