“TOMMY CHICAGO: FCBD”–prologue, also: more cartoonists do their camping homework, and 24 Hour Comic Day

   Soon after I agreed to take over the art chores on TOMMY CHICAGO (after BOB LIPSKI felt he had to bow out due to impending fatherhood), TC writer/creator BRIAN BASTIAN hit me up to do the 2008 FREE COMIC BOOK DAY special.  I agreed as it would give me a chance to refine TC and Jimmy more before we got to work on issue 1 of the regular series.  The 12-page FCBD special would pick up where the previous years special had left off, and be part of TC FCBD trilogy, suitable for re-printing one day as its own 36 page spectacular.  Well, here it is 2010 and still no collected special.  Ah well…that just means I get to take this fun little yarn about comics, demons, and zombies and present it to you all thru October as a precursor to HALLOWEEN! 

      …The only problem is Brian and Bob did the first 12 pages, not Brian and me.  So instead of posting 12 pages of a comic I had nothing to do with, allow me to present this 2 page RECAP of that tale–in GLORIOUS COLOR, no less! 

Writer BRIAN BASTIAN had this to say about that first FCBD special:

   “I wanted to do something special for Free Comic Book Day. The Jimmy Jams store down in Rochester was a really nice store. The employees were nice, the customers were (mostly) nice, the other artists were nice (and talented). My first idea was an interactive comic, but this idea was quickly discarded because of the very real chance of Bob’s arm falling off. So I went with the “Tommy Chicago comes to Rochester” story that is recapped here.  It was also the first real Tommy Chicago parody cover (of Flash #163). I was really happy with how it ended up, and thought it was a nice little story. Little did I know that it was soon to become an epic story…”

    So there you go.  We’ll pick up on Monday with part 2 of the FCBD special.  In the meanwhile…24 HOUR COMIC DAY is this weekend.  I’ll be there for my (*ugh*) SEVENTH YEAR.   If you are so inclined you can check in on me and my equally insane drawing friends via our official MPLS 24 HOUR BLOG.  And if you’re in town you are of course more than welcome to come down to the MN CENTER FOR BOOK ARTS and say ‘hey’ in person.  Just don’t feed us after midnight.  That never ends well.

  FINALLY:  As I posted on Monday, some cartoonist friends of mine and I went “camping”.  We swore an oath to do a comic each about the experience.  So far (myself included), we’re up to 3!  First up, ATHENA CURRIER does a nice over-view of sweet, drunk, campfire talk:

   And BRITT HAMMERBERG does the sadly accurate follow-up:

4 Responses to ““TOMMY CHICAGO: FCBD”–prologue, also: more cartoonists do their camping homework, and 24 Hour Comic Day”

  1. 1 Bob
    10/01/2010 at 08:49

    reading a 12 page comic that took aa week to draw summed up in two pages is kind of a…well, i don’t know what it is. but well done.

    • 10/01/2010 at 17:20

      Thanks Bob! And if it’s any consolation, I think I drew, scanned, and colored this whole thing in about 2 hours (if the killer lettering didn’t give that fact away).

  2. 10/01/2010 at 16:50

    I’m just now getting around to cleaning the camping gear out my trunk, if that helps illuminate how soon my comic is going to get done.

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