The ‘Los’ vs ‘MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE’ vs ‘commerce’

  Like I said last time, I’ve gotten several MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE pin-ups lately, and the primary reason for that is Co-Conspirator and friend CARLOS MERINO sent me FOUR at once!  

   Carlos actually showed me all these pin-ups in his sketchbook at the beginning of summer.  And then he went back to Spain and disappeared for several months.  fortunately he’s returned safely, however in the interim this Atlantis Lad pin-up was the only one I could remember.  So glad I could see it again, not to mention:

   I know I haven’t posted MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #7 yet, but (*SPOILER ALERT*) the ‘FLYING HAZMAT’ gets totalled in that issue.  After seeing this pin-up though…I think when I get around to giving Fleming a new flying machine it’s going to look a lot like the one The ‘Los drew.   I’m also a huge fan of the goggles.  Don’t plan on adding those to the comic, but I’d sure did a pair for myself.  

   The gang is all here, and looking pretty sweet!  But really, it’s all about this final pin-up:

    Only a good catholic boy like Carlos could come up with a tag-line and image so disturbing.  It so encompasses everything MANLY TALES is about–and it’s so fantastically dark.  Fantastic stuff!  I almost feel like I need to make a t-shirt of that or something.  OH WAIT!  I DID!   Carlos image (done with his permission, or course)–along with some other classic STAPLEGENIUS images–are available NOW only $12.95!  So go to the official STAPLEGENIUS.COM(ics) ‘COMMERCE’ page–I got’s bills to pay!   Thank you once again Carlos for such a vast array of wonderful imagery.  I owe you one…or four.

    Up next:  October begins on Friday, and with it–a Halloween spectacular featuring TOMMY CHICAGO, demons, and zombies courtesy of BRIAN BASTIAN and myself.  And the on Saturday…24 HOUR COMIC DAYCatch all the action of we brave many here in Minneapolis at our official blog.   See you then!


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