Nostalgia File: Sara Varon and the rarest staplegenius comic of all…

   Back in the mid-2000’s, the local peddlers of modern art and giant cherry sculptures–THE WALKER ART CENTER–had the genius idea of hiring NY cartoonist SARA VARON (“SWEATERWEATHER”, “ROBOT DREAMS”) to design the look of their “FREE FIRST SATURDAYS FOR FAMILIES” program.  Not too long after this started they flew Ms Varon in for a day dedicated to her and the amazing and kid-friendly medium of comics.  Having some runts around the house myself we headed over to check it out.  Lots of fun was had–including meeting Sara–but the best part was the ‘workshop’ where kids could make their own comics by coloring, cutting, and pasting some Sara Varon clip-art.  Not wishing to stay in the constraints of clip-art, I did my own versions of Sara’s characters and created my own one-of-a-kind comic.  Sara’s stuff is magical and joyous it was really fun to play in her world for an hour or so.  Seriously–check out her stuff today!  So here it is–the rarest and most rated ‘G’ thing I have ever made:

   Awwww…Danno does have a soul after all.   Thanks Sara!

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