“BRITISHWORTH” by Bastian and Dank–pgs 7-10(the end!), also: The gauntlet is thrown down!!!

So the LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ opening is behind us (though still going on all month, along with a million other awesome comic related things here in Minneapolis), but a lot went into getting ready for the show–including making a LITTLE FUNNY comic!  So MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE fans, here is the finale for the first official spin-off done by BRIAN BASTIAN and myself for LITTLE FUNNY (series 2):

DANNO KLONOWSKI:   HOORAY!  Nothing says THE END like one of the two main characters in a story being lit on fire.  Yessir!   But it’s an ending–and in only 10 pages!   That’s the genius of Brian Bastian for you.  For whatever reason when I’m issued the task of creating a story my brain can only think in one-page gags or in sprawling epics.  I have no middle ground.  This is why when things like LITTLE FUNNY come up, the first thing I do is email Brian and beg for his help.  Within hours there will be a script waiting in my inbox.  Like I said, a genius.  And this one was loads of fun to draw.  Thanks again for making Britishworth a major player in the MANLY TALES universe, Brian.  How’d the writing go for you on this?

BRIAN BASTIAN:  If I remember right, I had a case of World Cup Fever, and I was worried that if I went somewhere to watch a game, that very situation might happen to me, and then I thought “What if Sir Leigh Britishworth went somewhere to watch the World Cup and that happened to him?” And I figured it would end in a fire. And then I was convinced that you’d hate the script, so I wrote up a much safer/generic Fleming Hazmat one. But you didn’t hate the first script (or at least you hated it less than the 2nd one) and I think it turned out great. You added a lot of action into a very basic comic. So yeah, those are my thoughts on that.

DANK:  Well Brian, as a matter of fact I did NOT hate the Hazmat script, but I was kinda burnt out on drawing him having just finished a MANLY TALES issue, so I went with the Britishworth one to shake it up for myself.  BUT I DO LIKE THE HAZMAT SCRIPT!  So much so that I am going to ISSUE A CHALLENGE to my cartoonist friends:


In a paragraph or two here I will post Brian’s unused MANLY TALES/LITTLE FUNNY script, and I am looking for 4-8 cartoonists who would like to each draw a page(or two) and bring it to life.  There is no cash reward, but there is the satisfaction of bringing a hilarious script to life.  I’ll also print up a mini of it and give you some of those to make millions of dollars off of.  I’ll probably even include it in the MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE trade (due sometime in 2011) and thusly make you part of MANLY TALES history.  So if you’re interested, post a reply to this post(or send me an email) and lets see if we can’t make Brian’s dreams come true!  Also, if there is a specific page(s) you want to do, let me know that too.  First come, first serve.  THANKS!!!!

    And now….Brians unused script:


Fleming Hazmat in : “Don’t shoot the Messenger”

 Page 1

 Establishing shot of an ancient Egyptian temple/pyramid/what have you. It’s just there to set the scene.

Page 2

 Interior of the what have you, A man, John, is up to his neck in a quicksand trap. Fleming Hazmat is holding on to his hand.

 John: Fleming, it’s too late for me…

 Fleming: Ok.

 Page 3

 John is farther in, Fleming is no longer holding on to his hand, Johns face and hand are sticking out of the sand

 John: Promise me..Promise me, you’ll tell Rosie that I always loved her…

Fleming: Sigh..Fine. But you know how much I hate delivering personal messages.

 Page 4

 Only John’s hand remains sticking out of the sand, as Fleming stomps like a child toward an open doorway in the temple.

 Page 5

 Fleming is standing in the doorway, head down, hand on his neck, he’s embarrassed to have to deliver this message

 Fleming: Hey Rosie, John’s dead..and uh..well you see..he wanted me to..uh..gah..tell..

 Page 6

 Fleming looks up and is shocked.

 Fleming: By the eyes of Xerxes!

 Page 7

 Rosie is dead too, either crushed by a wall of spikes or a giant boulder with her hand sticking out, depending on how graphic you want to make it.

 Page 8

 Fleming is leaning up against the wall, relieved.

Fleming: Congratulations Hazmat, you’ve dodged yet another uncomfortable social situation! Bravo.

 The end.

There it is, people–who will accept the challenge?!

FINALLY–don’t forget that MIX–the MINNEAPOLIS INDIE XPO–is just 8 days from now on Saturday, August 21st.  There all sorts of MIX-related stuff going on before then next week too.  And I’ll give ya the run-down on Monday.  See you then!

7 Responses to ““BRITISHWORTH” by Bastian and Dank–pgs 7-10(the end!), also: The gauntlet is thrown down!!!”

  1. 08/13/2010 at 07:10

    I’ll draw a page.

  2. 08/13/2010 at 18:50

    Count me in for a page or two, pgs 8,6,5 sound like fun.

  3. 08/13/2010 at 19:06

    DAN! That’s 3 pages, ya goof…but fine by me!

    BOB –any particular page you want?

    And both you guys ROCK!

  4. 08/13/2010 at 19:36

    Oh, I was meaning I’d be up for 1-2 pages, don’t want to hog ’em all. Just getting a dib on any if those pages if no ones claimed any yet, but any page’ll do really.

  5. 08/14/2010 at 06:28

    I’ll do a page.

  6. 08/14/2010 at 10:10

    no preference on a page, they all sound fun!

  7. 08/15/2010 at 11:09

    Sign me up for a page. And then remind me later what I’m supposed to do. A-hem.

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