Nostalgia File: “One Dark Nite”, also: ‘LSD’ is in 9 days!

For separate–but equal!–reasons, longest-time collaborator DAN MURPHY and I have recently both gone thru our ‘Nostalgia Files’ and come across some really great (and some really NOT so great…let’s be honest here) stuff.  So as I kill time leading up to LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ (which is in 9 days!), lets take some trips down memory lane.  Today we travel AAAAAALLLLLLLL the way back to 2002 when MATT RISNES and I tried our hand at collaborating on a story.  It was a very dark time for the both of us, and this is what came out of it:

    Aaaaaaannnndddd…..That’s it!  Well, clearly there WAS supposed to be more…but by clearly I mean I have no recollection of having made this story.  That (despite the similar GNATBOY incident of the last post) is pretty rare for me.  I usually remember at least DRAWING something, if I don’t remember the reasoning behind it.  But with this one….???????

    I can tell you this:  At the time it was done Matt’s lady was not only moving out on him, but moving to another state.  I was literally living in the closet of a one bedroom apartment with 2 other people, and more than willing to take up residence in the two-bedroom apartment Matt was sharing with his former lady.  This was going to be FUN!  Matty and Danno!  Living together!  Just like that one other time we did before Matt freaked out and left!  That was FUN!…right?

   Well, a couple DAYS before I was to move in I got FIRED from what was probably the sweetest job a 26 year old stoner could have.  So my shame spiral began…and spun hard.  Matt was in no better of a place.  When asked his thoughts on these pages, Matt replied:

   “My only thought is that it probably isn’t worth sharing.  It seems like the crude, anti-woman Matt of my early 20’s, but I have no recollection of any of that.  Your art looks pretty great though.  Love that last panel!”

  Basically we don’t remember doing this comic because we spent about 2 months enjoying each others company as we destroyed ourselves with alcohol, drugs, and shame.  In that time I did 2 comics.  The one above which Matt co-wrote(? Wrote? Dictated?  Who the hell knows???), and a 20-some page Mullet Clown adventure I ended up hating so much that I never printed it.  Matt would eventually do the freak-out thing again and leave me with a new roommate–A VIOLENT STRANGER, no less!–and we would both eventually recover, grow up, remain friends, and start blogs.  Ahhh, life.

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