“OH!…your…nostalgia file”, also: ‘LSD’ is in 11 days!!!

   For separate–but equal!–reasons, longest-time collaborator DAN MURPHY and I have recently both gone thru our ‘Nostalgia Files’ and come across some really great (and some really NOT so great…let’s be honest here) stuff we did in our junior and high school years.  So as I kill time leading up to LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ (which is in 11 days!), lets take some trips down memory lane.  We’ll start with a classic Murphy and Ochsendorf (that would be my ‘maiden’ name) team-up: GNAT-BOY!

   It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but here is some commentary by Murphy and I: 

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  Wow!  I have no memory of  doing this strip–BUT IT’S FREEKIN’ AWESOME!!!  Murphy’s inks save and sell this comic.  Someone give this guy some paying work, dammit!!! 

DAN MURPHY:  I vaguely remember inking this one, with a nib of some sort, and a brush.  This was in ’93, and I’d upgraded to crappy 11×17 paper from Nelson’s Office supply that soaked up and bled ink like crazy, it would tear up fibers if you drew on it too hard. But it was the closest I could get to “real” art supplies at the time.  I liked inking your stuff, I felt like Vince Colletta, (or since this was 1993, more like Scott Williams).

DANK:  I clearly was ripping of Matt Feazell’s ANT-BOY here.

MUPRHY:  We had a lot of nihilistic comics where the protagonist was killed in the end.  Oh, teenage random humor.  Was Gnat-Boy a one-shot? Can’t recall if he popped up anywhere else.

DANK:  Yes he was a one-shot, but here’s my theory:  Between 90-94 Murphy and I had several mis-starts on anthology comics.  We’d both do a page or two of something, but if the story went longer than that we’d never finish a project.  I’m thinking GNAT-BOY was a part of one of those such projects.  In fact, based on the the year and my bad-ass signature, I’d guess it was THIS failed project:


   …MAN-MAN?  Who is MAN-MAN, you ask?  Stay tuned this week, dear reader, and you will find out!

3 Responses to ““OH!…your…nostalgia file”, also: ‘LSD’ is in 11 days!!!”

  1. 1 Shloggs
    07/26/2010 at 09:16

    This business takes me back. I remember you guys puttering around on stuff like this. Can’t wait for your show Danno! Will Murphy be there as well? I have it on good authority that Matt O’blivion will make an appearance!

  2. 07/26/2010 at 21:03

    Word on the street is Murphy will be there, with art in the show & box even. For all the shit we gave Image, we sure had our fair share of failed unfinished projects.

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