MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6–pgs 20 & 21, also: ‘LSD’ is in 23 days…

   “YES! VIOLENCE!” or “OH THOSE WACKY NAZIS…”  And why is it your first thought after killing off a character is “I shouldn’t have done that…I’ll have to figure out a way to bring them back…” ?  Now I understand how Marvel and DC feel.

AlsoLUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ (or LSD) is in 23 days at ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY in NORTHEAST MINNEAPOLIS.  Here’s one of the many ways I have been preparing: 

I have to reprint MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE mini-comics again so I have copies for LSD and for MIX, but I’m still an issue short of being ready to make one single trade (issue #8–which I’m currently penciling).   But I decided instead of making 7 separate books, I’d just make MINI-TRADES–3 of them, to be exact.  So this is the cover to #2.  It will feature MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE # 4 and #5, as well as an introduction by issue 4 writer and frequent collaborator BRIAN BASTIAN!   Fun Fact: This cover was drawn in the hospital!

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