MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6–cover and pg 1(of 27), also: “We’re all in Dan Jurgens shadow”

   Welcome to MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6!  Lots happens in this issue towards the ongoing construction of the MANLY TALES universe, not the least of which is the introduction of MATT OBLIVION!   I’ll get more into Matt’s origins tomorrow, but something you should know up front is Oblivion was designed to be MANLY TALES anti-Hellboy.  Instead of being a demon who fights demons to save humanity, Matt is a human who is on a mission to kill all demons so he–and ONLY HE–can be the one to DESTROY humanity.  That was the basic concept, anyway.  So when time came to do a cover I knew I had to pay tribute to Oblivion’s Hellboy-inspired genesis, so I whipped up the most Mike Mignola-ish cover I could.  This is also the first cover of the series to depict events that actually happen inside the issue.  It was a big switch from my ‘random shit that has nothing to do with this comic’ stance on covers.  Sure glad I did.  I am never looking back.

   ALSO:  Aside from WILL SHETTERLY and VINCE STONE, DAN JURGENS was one of my greatest influences growing up–and for the same reason as Will and Vince:  He was actually someone in MN I could point to and say “LOOK!  HE MAKES COMICS FOR A LIVING!!!”  When Mr Jurgens got national attention for “killing” Superman I couldn’t have been prouder.  I have since lost my love for the kinds of stories Mr Jurgens is paid to tell, but I still hold a place in my heart for his early inspiration (and his art is pretty darn great, too!).  So it filled me with pride to be asked to draw BOOSTER GOLD for a Daily Goal Sketch.  It brought me back to the days when Jurgens was doing the Justice League (the only time I’ve ever bought the book), and made me smile.


2 Responses to “MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6–cover and pg 1(of 27), also: “We’re all in Dan Jurgens shadow””

  1. 06/21/2010 at 10:19

    Your cover is very Mike Mignola-ish, in that I can’t see anyone’s feet.

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