MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–the pin-ups (part 2 of 2) featuring Jesse Gillespie, Ryan Dow, Dave Strong, and Spanky Cermak

As that issue 5 was originally broken up into two “volumes”(issues), this left a lot of space for pin-ups.  Thanks muchly to everyone who donated their time and art into making this issue awesome, including:

    JESSE GILLESPIE’s homage to “Lady Liberty Leading the People” is easily one of the most beautiful pieces of original art I have in my possession.  This guy really needs to stop spending all his time hugging people and just start cranking out more comics!

    The award-winning RYAN DOW’s homage to “Magnus, Robot Fighter” is easily one of the most robot-fightery pieces of art I have in my collection.  As if you didn’t know, but Ryan makes the wonderful INTROSPECTIVE COMICS.  The recently released collection “THE ART OF FAILING BUDDHISM” is must, and you should buy one today.  I actually turn up frequently in the book (and in the on-going webcomic), and a drinking game has developed.  So whenever you see me or fellow Conspirator DANIEL J OLSON being ‘Introspective’, be sure to take a shot (sometimes, like in THIS EXAMPLE, you’d have to make it a double). 

    DAVE STRONG is one of many cartoonists about town who I don’t see regularly enough.  His stuff is wonderful and I was grateful as all heck when he presented me with the above Atlantis Lad. 

   SPANKY CERMAK is another fantastic example of the insanely huge cartoonist talent pool we have here in Minneapolis.  Like Dave, I pretty much only see Spanky at cons, but his stuff is fantastic and I’m honored to have shared pages with him in the MUSCLES AND FIGHTS anthologies. 

    Whoo!  Seven pin-ups all in total for issue 5.  Nice!  I only wish each issue could boast so much guest talent–if for no other reason than the back-log of pin-ups I have yet to print or post on the web.  I promise to get to them all…maybe before the year is out even!  Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this issue.  Be sure to check out their links for more great art and comics!

1 Response to “MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–the pin-ups (part 2 of 2) featuring Jesse Gillespie, Ryan Dow, Dave Strong, and Spanky Cermak”

  1. 06/18/2010 at 08:22

    Wow.. some great pin-ups

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