MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 30 & 31(of 45), also: “Continuity Guy is ain’t cool” and “Take that, Flipper!”

    As much as the second panel of pg 30 sums up the amount of research that went into this story, pg 31 is where I really started having fun messing with history.  All in all, I’m pretty damned impressed with what I came up with, and I really hope you like what next week has to offer in regards to my brand of historical fiction.

   ALSO:  Hey, I haven’t gone on and on about CONTINUITY GUY lately, but now there is a reason to–an Ain’t Cool reason!  That’s right, Aintitcool.com comic reviewer AMBUSH BUG reviewed CG this week, and had some nice and glowing words about it.  Thanks, Ambush!  (Please note: BUD BURGY drew it and I wrote it.  I insisted we list credits as Burgy/Klonowski since Bud did the REAL work, but which most comic fans would read as Burgy being the writer and Klonowski being the artist.  So I guess it all blew up in my face just like everyone predicted it would. GAH!) 

   FINALLY:  As you may remember, one of the last Daily Goal Sketches I posted before the month-long absence was of Aquaman fighting a shark.  In real time, the drawing you’re about to see was only done a couple of days later.  And if you’ve just drawn an underwater hero fighting a shark…well…there’s only really one direction to go with an underwater villain:


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