We’ve made it!  The final issue of the first series of CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY (which you can read along with everything else HERE)!   In this issue Cap dies…but not really.  More importantly (to me anyway) you get to see a lot of parallel universes, which is a concept that has always appealed to me.  There was even some loose talk at the end of this issue that a future CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY series would have Cap travelling to these universes and meeting his others…man I’d still love to read that story!

     As for the series 2–It’s only 4 issues long (with the same back cover on each issue) so they won’t take too long to get thru.  HOWEVER, I have recently become VERY BUSY–finishing my LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ book,  doing some freelance work for issue 4 of FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY, and needing to figure out something for the CITY PAGES ‘COMIX” ISSUE–so it might be a couple weeks until I start on those.  But fear not, I will get to them and plan on being done posting by July!

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