MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 18 & 19(of 45), also: a new “TOMMY CHICAGO’ mini adventure, and ‘LOST’ jams with Matt Chicorel @ ‘SPRINGCON’–Saturday/Sunday (May 15/16, 2010)

    Prepare yourself!  Although we are about 150 pages into this MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE epic at this point, you are now only one more weekend away from an actual action sequence.  Who says I don’t know how to build suspense?!  Speaking of the weekend…

   SPRINGCON, Minnesota’s premiere ‘mainstream’ comic book convention is this weekend (MAY 15/16 from 10am-5pm both days)! I’ve already previewed the 2 new books I’ll have available (along with the MN convention debut of CONTINUITY GUY and all the usual back issues), but now bear witness to the thing I am probably the most excited for–collaborating with MATT CHICOREL!!!  I picked up a couple of Matt’s books a few years ago and was instantly hooked.  After his work on the MUSCLES AND FIGHT anthology I was a fan for life, and honored to be associated with him.  Matt live in Milwaukee, but the future being what it is Matt and I have become ‘social networking’ pals–and so I was excited to learn he’d be in town for Springcon, giving us a chance to chat it up in person for a change.  But that wasn’t enough for me.  I’ve really, really wanted to collaborate with Matt in some way for a while now, so I preyed upon our mutual love of LOST.  I proposed Matt do a LOST drawing I ink, and I’ll do a LOST drawing he inks–and Matt agreed!  Said drawings will then be a part of the Springcon Lupus Foundation art auction.  Here’s a sneak peek of the pencils for our gentleman’s agreement:

That’s mine, and here’s Matt’s:

   I’ll be sure to get a photo of the finished works and post those next week.  

    But before we go…  Even though there will be a whole new issue of TOMMY CHICAGO available this weekend at SPRINGCON by BRIAN BASTIAN and myself, Brian and BOB LIPSKI went behind my back and and created a fantastic new 3-page web-only TC adventure.  Fine work boys! ….you are now both dead to me…

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