MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 10 & 11(of 45), also: MPLS ‘Cartoonist Conspiracy’ jam Thursday, and a ‘Danno Cameo’ right now

    Pg 10–  The BUDDHA SQUIRREL is a classic case of “Cartoonist Recycling”.  Basically, most cartoonists have a million idea, but not nearly enough hours or days to make all these ideas come to life on paper.  So sometimes in the course of one story a cartoonist will cherry-pick ideas from another story they probably weren’t ever going to be able to get to–thereby recycling one’s own ideas.  In the case of the BUDDHA SQUIRREL I had started a story in 2005 (almost 2 years before I started MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE) called “JOAN OF ARCHAEOLOGY and the BUDDHA SQUIRREL”.  “JOAN” was going to be a kid-friendly adventure series about the 10 year-old daughter of famed archaeologists.  Basically a INDIANA JONES for kids/girls.  “JOAN” was very much a pre-courser for what became MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE, but as far as I ever got was to do some Joan sketches and a very rough version of the BUDDHA SQUIRREL origin you see above.  When MANLY TALES started I knew I wanted to work both Joan and the Squirrel in somewhere.  Joan, as you may remember, showed up in issue three–more or less how I originally drew her, but now trapped in a much darker series.  And now the squirrel has appeared.

    As for page 11– The “BUDDHA SQUIRREL” dvd was something I added in the inking stage.  I think originally Fleming was just talking, but I decided to tie it back to the dvd gag on the previous pages.  And the idea that the legend of the BUDDHA SQUIRREL was so well known there was a documentary on dvd about it really ties into Fleming’s laziness as an adventurer and treasure hunter.  Also, at the time I wrote this story the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS has stopped their print edition probably about a year earlier, so it was already kind of a dated gag.  Since it took a whole ‘nother year on top of that to actually draw this sequence, I think the gag can now legally qualify for social security benefits.

   ALSO:  Hey!  I’ve made another cameo in the award-winning RYAN DOW’s latest INTROSPECTIVE COMIC(s).  Awesome!

   FINALLY:  If you’re anywhere near Northeast Minneapolis this Thursday (May 6th) the monthly jam-comic session of the MINNEAPOLIS CELL of the INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY will be taking place.  Fun had by all from 6pm until it’s done (usually 10-11pm.  Sometimes followed by beer).  Hope to see you there.

2 Responses to “MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 10 & 11(of 45), also: MPLS ‘Cartoonist Conspiracy’ jam Thursday, and a ‘Danno Cameo’ right now”

  1. 1 Bob
    05/06/2010 at 13:31

    never let it be said that you can’t draw a squirrel. that is one fine looking rodent.

    • 05/06/2010 at 14:48

      Thanks, Bob! I figure like how ancient people did cave paintings of the animals all around them, I (as a city dweller) should at least be able to draw squirrels. Rabbits, too.

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