MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–cover and pg 1(of 45), also: more covers and importantish news

   Here we go with MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5!  This issue took over a year to finish from the time I wrote it until it was printed in full.  There are many reasons for this and I will get into those later, but the one thing I can mention now is the cover…or covers.  My ‘PLAN’ for this issue was to have it done for Fallcon ’08, but by the time that rolled around I had little over half of it inked.  Thankfully I had worked in a joke on page 24 (the ‘tradtional’ last page of a comic) that said “TO BE CONTINUED…ON THE NEXT PAGE!!!”   I just changed it to say “…IN PART 2!!!”  and Fallcon 08 saw the release of ‘MTOC #5: Part 1’.  Since I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted the cover to be (and what you see above is that vision, more or less.  It now just has that swanky KEVIN CANNON logo, and is the cover I started using when I recently reprinted the issue as one complete volume.) I had to think of something…fast.   As much as I dislike ‘parody’ covers I realized while this story has nothing to do with KILL BILL, its pacing and ‘2-partiness’ made the following KILL BILL knock-offs the perfect solution for my needs:

      ALSO:  You MUST check back here this weekend for the CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY ‘cover’ post!  Not only will the new cover be up, but there will also be an interview with VINCE STONEthe artist of CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY himself!  

    FINALLY: I know my posting frequency got a bit screwed up by C2E2, but I should mention this now:  When I started STAPLEGENIUS.COM(ics) about a year ago I was posting 7 days a week.  I was unemployed then, so no big whoop.  When I got a job this pace started killing me, especially since I was loading each post with more and more content.  I TRIED to narrow it down to 5 days a week, but it snuck its way back up to 6 days.  But this pace is still too much.  So starting next week I’m going to go down to 4 posts a weekMonday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday/Sunday.  However, on the weekday posts I am going to be doing 2 pages a day.  Not only because I feel kinda jerky about going to 4 days a week, but because the 2 pages will be the same two pages you’d see if you were to open a physical MANLY TALES comic, and I often set-up gags that work better when you can see both pages at once.  To sum up: less posts, more content!  Sound good?

3 Responses to “MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–cover and pg 1(of 45), also: more covers and importantish news”

  1. 04/25/2010 at 12:43

    Dude, I LOVE the Kill Bill-style covers.

    • 04/25/2010 at 16:10

      Thanks, Athena! I like’em too and they really worked in a pinch, but I am glad to finally be able to present the story in one contained volume.

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