3: Countdown to C2E2

C2E2 begins Friday in Chicago, and I’ll be there mooching table space from co-Conspirator DANIEL J OLSON.  To prepare for this show there are few new projects I’ve been working on…

   Here’s the new cover for MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #2, featuring the new streamlined look and KEVIN CANNON’s sweet logo.  You’ll be able to purchase it, the issue it encapsulates, and the 5 other issues of MANLY TALES (all with new covers) in one affordable package at C2E2.

      ALSO:  I know you’re probably sick of hearing about this, but the CONTINUITY GUY graphic novella will be making its second ever appearance at C2E2.  Not only that, but CG artist BUD BURGY will be on-hand as well!!!  He’ll be bumming around the table with Dan and I, or at JUSTIN “SPANKY” CERMAK’s table, or with AMADO RODRIGUEZ, or trying desperatly to get Carrie Fisher’s autograph.  So pick up one of the few copies left of the first printing–  Only 5 bucks!!!  Why 5 bucks is worth the wrap-around KEVIN CANNON cover alone:

1 Response to “3: Countdown to C2E2”

  1. 04/13/2010 at 07:20

    Y’know, I wouldn’t call it mooching. You wrote a story for me, so it’s compensation. You forgot that Bud could also be chilling at Zander’s table too.

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