4: Countdown to C2E2

   C2E2 begins Friday in Chicago, and I’ll be there mooching table space from co-Conspirator DANIEL J OLSON.  To prepare for this show there are few new projects I’ve been working on…

   Last year during the GUEST ARTIST SPECTACULAR, local cartooning god KEVIN CANNON designed a perfected version of the MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE logo.  Kevin has happily let me steal this logo, and so one thing I’ve been working on is new covers for MANLY TALES 1-5 to give the series a more streamlined look.  I also used it on this flyer I’m going to give out at C2E2 to people who buy something I did/am in and/or have some kind of passing interest in what I’m doing (sitting uncomfortably):

    ALSO:  I’m going to try something different at this con: Instead of laying out an eyesore of a table full of individual issues, I’ll be selling 2 different ‘packs’ of comics at C2E2–MANLY TALES 1-6, and the MANLY TALES specials.  Each pack will be “priced to move”.  Quantities are limited, so fight your way thru the 8 billion people who will be at C2E2 to get one!

    FINALLY:  There will even be a few NEW things to buy at C2E2, including SUPER MAXI-PAD GIRL #3–which features a story written by me and drawn by table-mate DANIEL J OLSON!   Here’s a sneak peek: 


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