I apologize to Will Shetterly and Vince Stone for the liberties I took with this “cover”.  Issue #8 (which you can read–along with every other issue–here) is about CBI Assistant Director McCauley having to deal with the repercussions of the media getting the truth out about Captain Confederacy.  It also gets more into the other ‘heroes’ of their world (who get serious screen time in the second Cap series).  The cover of McCauley reading the magazine with an “Aww, fuck!” look on his face pretty much sums it all up.  But I just couldn’t resist having this bad-ass government official “pull a Homer”. Sorry guys.  It’s just my nature.

   FYI:  I’ll be in Chicago at C2E2 next weekend with my pals DANIEL J. OLSON and BUD BURGY.  Hopefully we’ll be making some fans, friends, and bucks.  Sadly, this’ll mean I won’t be posting the “cover” for CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #9 until April 24th.  So if I don’t see you in Chicago, I’ll see you then!

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