“LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ is go! MN Cartoonists–start your brush pens!!!”, also: several pages of the crossover and some other crap

  (LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ site designed with love by BRITT HAMMERBERG. 3-D effects done with gusto by KEVIN CANNON and STEVEN STWALLEY.  Box art phoned in by me.)

   The 4th installment of LUTEFISK SUSHI (vol. D) is now accepting submissions! Lutefisk Sushi D is a silkscreened bento box filled with original mini-comics from Minnesota artists.   The celebration of mini-comics that is ‘LSD’  is in August, but submissions are due JUNE 15th!!!  So what does it take to be a part of LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’?  Well it’s shampoo simple:

1)  Be a cartoonist/artist who is a current (or former) resident of Minnesota.

2)  Make a mini-comicThe content and length are up to you.  It just cannot exceed 8.5″x5.5″ to fit in the SUSHI BOX.  Also, the box will be in 3-D and include a pair of 3-D glasses, so if you’ve ever wanted to do a comic with 3-D elements–the time is NOW!

3)  Make 160 copies of said mini-comic.  Sure the economy sucks, but we have a printing sponsor this year and that just rules!  FLAIRE PRINT COMMUNICATIONS has agreed to sponsor LSD by printing  mini’s at a discounted rate!  So why go to an overpriced corporate giant more interested in shipping than printing quality when you could join forces with a neighborhood printer who wants to invest in a project you love?!  WHY?!  WHY I ASK YOU!?!?!

4)  Scan your cover (You will need a jpeg of it for the next step),  Fill out a submission form HERE, and then drop off or mail your mini-comics to: Altered Esthetics, 1224 Quincy St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 Comics must be received by JUNE 15, 2010.

5)  Frame some art for show!  So after all the comics are in, we collate them into a fancy, screenprinted box.  Said box then debuts at ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY on AUGUST 6th at a corresponding art show featuring original art from the minis.  This is your chance to make some bucks back by selling your art to the teeming masses.   

6) Get the word out!  Blog about Lutefisk Sushi using the jpegs below, follow the show on Twitter, and most importantly… become a FACEBOOK FAN!

7) Finally, toss these dates on your e-calendar:

  1. JUNE 15 — Mini comics due
  2. JULY 31 — Framed artwork due.
  3. JULY 31, 1-3pm — Artists’ Potluck (come and hang out, meet fellow cartoonists, and drop off your artwork).
  4. AUGUST 6, 7-10pm — Show opens at Altered Esthetics.
  5. AUGUST 21, evening — Party at AE with the Sushi crowd and the folks from the Minneapolis Indie Xpo.

   It’s just that simple!  So start scribblin’ today…June 15th will be here before you know it!

   Ok…so back to the usual crap…

The UPTOWN GIRL vs TOMMY CHICAGO vs MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE crossover from 2008 was written by BRIAN BASTIAN, pencilled (and inked) by BOB LIPSKI, and inked (and pencilled) by me.   Brian and Bob are here to join me for some reflections on this project, and a friendly reminder this whole mess will be done 2 weeks from today:

BASTIAN:  This is the most fighting I’ve ever written for Fleming Hazmat or Tommy Chicago. Usually they’re just running away or dodging or just letting events happen around them, but there’s just something about putting the two of them in a room that makes me want to have them fight.

LIPSKI:  Fight scenes can be hard to pull off.  I don’t draw them that often, mostly its endless talk in ‘Uptown Girl’ but the graphic novel I am working on has a ton of fighting in it.  It’s hard!  I think the choreography is the hardest part….like what happens next, what to put in and what to leave out.

DANK:  I can’t believe all the talk about fighting for this page, the last panel is the best one, and the most true to these characters.  Well…it is true they hate each other.

BASTIAN:  I couldn’t have them kill the cow, and I don’t think you find beef just lying on the ground. So I had to have a butcher shop. A butcher shop in a prehistoric land. I’m going to use that guy again someday. Oh wait..I did!  There’s more Ralph in the future. I hope. And I can’t go without mentioning that Awesome T-Rex. It’s awesome.

LIPSKI:  I freaking love this butcher.  The design of him comes from a character called ‘Dave the Butcher’ who appeared in the pilot of the failed ‘Uptown Girl’ animated series. I use a lot of photo references these days, not so much when I was drawing this story….see the cow from a few pages back.  Anyway, dinosaurs can be hard since there really isn’t anything besides fossils and skeletons and stuff.  I love dinosaurs and I have a lot of books on them but the most useful reference I relied on for this was ‘The New Frontier’ by Darwyn Cooke. 

DANK:  Panel one of pg 43 is one of those great panels where I followed Bob’s pencils and it turned out fantabulous.  And despite what Brian says, the dinosaur is TERRIBLE!  Why?  Cause thats a panel where I TOTALLY DIDN’T follow Bob’s pencils and it looks horrible (to me, anyway).  The T-Rex is back in a few pages and I did much better with those.  Also, as much as I don’t know if we could actually fill a whole book with RALPH THE BUTCHER, I’d sure like to see us try.

   ALSO:  Yeah, yeah…I know I mentioned the CONTINUITY GUY graphic novella release on Tuesday.  But its ONE WEEK FROM TODAY (APRIL 2nd) at ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY.  See you there (I hope)!

   FINALLY:  Sure I do the Daily Goal Sketches for my disabled client at work, but really…I did this one for Ryan Dow.  Thanks for the awesome Fleming Hazmat shrinky-dink, Ryan!




2 Responses to ““LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ is go! MN Cartoonists–start your brush pens!!!”, also: several pages of the crossover and some other crap”

  1. 03/26/2010 at 15:40

    Thanks Danno! I don’t know if I can say that Ant-Man is the greatest hero, but he is the most appropriate hero to put on a shrinking piece of plastic!

  2. 03/28/2010 at 16:35

    i am doing this. thanks for the heads up about it. this is the type of thing I normally stumble upon after it is done and I wish I had done it. Off to work on my submission

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