Ok…I could tell you what CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #5 is about.  I could tell you a couple of our heroes learn there is more to their powers than even their CSA overlords know.  I could tell you through a series a dreams we learn about what motivates our main characters.  I could tell you lots of thing.  But you can read it all for yourself, so I won’t bother.  Instead…instead I’ll talk about my young teen mind being blown by S-E-X.

    See, before I read WATCHMEN– before I even read HARD BOILED–I read CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #5.  Up until then I had no idea you could get away with nudity and sex in a comic that wasn’t OMAHA THE CAT DANCER, especially not a comic involving SUPER HEROES!  But CC#5 did…well…IT!  I was shocked–SHOCKED!  My mind was opened!  I now had a comic I had to hide from my mom.  So thank you Will Shetterly and Vince Stone, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have spent the last 7 years drawing dicks and boobs in the CONSPIRACY jams.


1 Response to “cover: CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #5”

  1. 03/14/2010 at 00:24

    Aww! You made me day.

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