Well as you can see, our heroes spend the majority of CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #4 sitting around drinking and talking (and you can read this and EVERY issue of CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY here).  This might seem like a basic set-up**, but it’s a pretty damn good yarn.  Not only does the plot thicken on what the future holds for our dear Cap cause he’s been taking a super serum steroid and is now cut-off from his supply, but it also hints at the idea said serum may do more than just amp up our heroes muscles.  AND our rag-tag band of heroes discover their (probably doomed) destiny.  Also, my favorite character of the series M’sieur Hex  debuts (he’s the Prince looking fella on the cover….HEY WAIT!  Will and Vince were in Minnesota at the time they made this series in the 80’s.  So was Prince!  I wonder…).

** Example of how CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY has influenced me to this day:  ALL my comics are pretty much just people sitting around and talking.  Thanks Will and Vince!


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