UG v. TC v. MTOC–by Bastian, Lipski, and Dank–pg 19(of 60), also: “BumbleBee #3” for realz this time, and “John Byrne I ain’t”

The UPTOWN GIRL vs TOMMY CHICAGO vs MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE crossover from 2008 was written by BRIAN BASTIAN, pencilled (and inked) by BOB LIPSKI, and inked (and pencilled) by me.   Brian and Bob are here to join me for some reflections on this project:

BASTIAN:  Ok, so when Bob and I created Jimmy he was a master of disguise, and also as bald as Patrick Stewart (he’s the first bald guy I could think of.  Feel free to insert your own favorite bald guy).  His disguise abilities have been sorely under used, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned his baldness before this moment (or since).  But it is a nice way to show that this..uh..guy, has that cosmic awareness stuff that’s so popular in your space beings nowadays.

LIPSKI:  Jimmy is bald??  I knew that.  Brian and I tried to do a ‘Tommy Chicago’ comic about ten years ago and it went nowhere.  But we did have an origin for Jimmy worked out.  His dad “went out for coffee” right after he was born, ashamed and angry at having a perfectly bald child.  Forever scarred by his dad leaving, Jimmy wears a wig to hide his shame.

DANK:  I don’t find it so shocking that Jimmy is bald.  When I saw the color cover to this issue and Jimmy’s wig was BLOND is when I got shocked.  Having never seen a color TC picture before I always assumed it was brown–ergo the heavy inks on it.  Whoops.

  ALSO:  Despite what I (and “new comic books shipping this week” sites on the internet ) may have said last Wednesday, TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE #3 comes out TODAY!   This ultra “LT. KLONOWSKI”-heavy issue was written by my buddy ZANDER CANNON and drawn by CHEE.  A good thing about this whole mix-up is that I can tease you with another page from the comic in question…

  FINALLY:  Meh.


2 Responses to “UG v. TC v. MTOC–by Bastian, Lipski, and Dank–pg 19(of 60), also: “BumbleBee #3” for realz this time, and “John Byrne I ain’t””

  1. 03/01/2010 at 19:44

    Hey Danno, I got this issue and I was glad to get the inside joke. Good homage! Although I got to say that the original Klonowsky could tell right away the difference between an autobot and an actual beetle car.

  2. 03/01/2010 at 20:07

    Wait until issue 4, and you will learn both the real and fictional Klonowski know a thing or two about Decepticons as well!

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