So like issue #1 of CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY, there was a “Special Edition” of issue #2.  The new cover aside, writer WILL SHETTERLY and artist VINCE STONE slightly cleaned up ad greytoned the original #2 for what was then a growing audience.  In an afterward Shetterly discusses how issue #2 was a demanding task since he went from getting a long-gestating origin story off his chest with issue #1, and now had to tell an actual long-form tale over the course of the following 11 issues (of the original mini-series.  There was a second 4 issue series as well).  How did Shetterly meet this challenge?–Find out for yourself by reading the enitre series HERE!  For FREE and everything!

   Also:  I know some of you (Hi, Bud!) are missing the Staplegenius RETROSPECTICUS I’ve been doing on the weekends, but I think I’ll be doing the CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY’s for a while instead.  I’m having more fun drawing these than scanning my shitty old comics.  Sorry.  The Retrospecticus WILL return though.  We have the whole year, after all.


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