Retrospecticus: Staplegenius 5.5–The ‘Rites of Spring’ Special Edition (May 2001)

While only two months would pass between STAPLEGENIUS #5 and 6, I squeezed out following “BEST OF” issue in-between there as well:

  This special issue came to be made because NELS and his band END TRANSMISSION were about to embark on another tour.  Nels and I agreed it would be a good idea to distribute some STAPLEGENIUS’ as he travelled cross-country (remember: At this time easily uploaded and maintained web comics were still a McCloudian wet dream), and that the best way to get out as much as we could in as small a package possible was to produce this ‘BEST OF’ issue. 

The ‘RITES OF SPRING” special included most of the MONSTER PIG-FACE BOY material Nels had made at that point, as well as the MULLET CLOWN comics from issue #5, as well as some of the better one panel gags.  And as I said at the top, I was halfway to having STAPLEGENIUS #6 made when we did this, so I was even able to include a story that had never been printed before–one about Mullet Clown being in a band and playing a rock show no less (which we’ll see in the ‘Retrospecticus’ for STAPLEGENIUS #6).

    All in all the 25-40 issues (or whatever it was) Nels brought he distributed with success.  He met lots of nice people who gladly welcomed a mini-comic from a far-off land, and I seem to recall we even got some ‘fan mail’ out the deal. 

    So…I don’t really have anything else image-wise to post other than the back cover.  Sorry this was such a short and unfulfilling ‘Retrospect’.  Next weeks for #6 will make up for it.

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